Safety Tips For Operators Using Earthmoving Equipment And Attachments

As an operator of heavy earth-moving equipment, it is important to leave no stone upturned when it comes to training and safety. Here are some tips that manufacturers of earthmoving attachments for sale recommend you follow when working with these machines

  • Before you start any equipment, make sure that it is duly inspected and serviced as per the regular schedule set by your facility.
  • Make sure that the earthmoving attachments are lowered before hooking up the equipment. The shift lever must be in neutral and the brakes should be set.
  • When moving the vehicle or backing up, make sure that everyone is clear.
  • When on an inclination, make sure that the machine is not left running. The vibration alone can put the machine into motion.
  • One is strictly recommended against allowing others to ride on the equipment.
  • When operating the equipment on an active road, it is important to display the slow vehicle triangle along with the display flashing lights.
  • When working close to trees, make sure you keep an eye out for dead branches above the equipment.
  • When working near edges of fills and cuts, extra care must be taken.
  • Make sure your equipment is properly equipped with ROPS as per requirement.

Furthermore, care needs to be taken during regular maintenance and repair. The engine should be shut off during re-fuelling and repairs. Finally, when equipment is under repair, make sure that the “under repair” sign is placed on the seat; the start key is removed and/or the controls are locked out.


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