What are the pros and cons of using a tri axle trailer?

An axle trailer is one of the most important earthmoving attachments for sale required in the construction industry. So, when it comes to a tri axle trailer, it is important to evaluate the pros and cons of using it, before you buy it from a renowned supplier. Let’s find out these.

tri axle trailer
Advantages of using a tri axle trailer

• One of the main advantages to go for a tri axle is the load that it carries. With better strength, this trailer helps in carrying more capacity than what a single axle or a tandem axle trailer could carry.
• It also provides better towing with the three axles that it has
• Another major advantage that you get to experience with a tri axle trailer is that if you suffer a blowout on a tire, there will still be tires left to carry the load to a good distance

Disadvantages of using a tri axle trailer

• The downside of using a tri axle trailer is the cost that it comes with
• Apart from the initial high cost, it also has more maintenance cost than the single and tandem axle trailers simply because it has more tires and axles to maintain

But, these disadvantages can be ignored, given the efficiency and increase in productivity that a tri axle trailer brings to a business. With the heavy load that it could carry, it is definitely an investment worth making. So, look for a reliable supplier of such products like quick hitches, etc. and find a one stop shop for all your heavy equipment and industrial tools and machinery needs.


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