Wheels on track to make your work easier

Bizalloy Tipper Bodies is one of the manufacturing products provided by Shawx in the world of commercial vehicles. These are made up of bisalloy and are available in different sizes. They serve many different purposes and can also be customised to suit any requirement.

Excavator Attachments are basically grabs and thumbs. They are both hydraulic and fixed and have large number of these products for excavator. It consists of a dipper and a bucket. These things allow the excavator to carry allot of materials efficiently.

Shawx offers a large range of excavator attachments for sale which take the stress out of any construction site. They minimise time completion and maximise job proficiency.

Shawx made a large number of hydraulic and fixed grabs which are useful in many areas including:

• Timber Handling.
• Demolition.
• Clean Up.
• Sorting of Materials.
• Forestry Work.
• Snow Removing.
• Blasting of Rock, etc.

All the grabs are made heavy and strong to carry out all the activity without any problem. Shawx design their equipment to be durable and long standing. All are strong, durable and tested. All these materials are well fitted for the moving of all types of machineries. Shawx can custom design and build any product or equipment to suit a specific job requirement.

General Purpose Buckets made by Shawx manufacturers serves multiple purposes. They have created varieties of buckets where General Purpose Bucket is made up of various sizes with and without teeth both. On the side cutter, it has bolts making it easier to access.


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